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Multiple Benefits, One Piece of Equiptment

As VertiFloat fills with water, your body becomes encapsulated in your cocoon creating an incredible compression effect on your body. This compression helps to stabilize your muscles, decreasing the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue – and complete relaxation

VertiFloat is designed to maximize your relaxation potential by means of water compression and zero-impact floatation. By stepping into the fully sealed, contaminant-free Aqualiner, you can pamper yourself with an array of treatments that enhance that luxury spa sensation. Cover your body with muds, seaweeds, moisturizers or medicinal fusions – add liquids such as sea or spring water. VertiFloat is simply the most flexible and hygienic float tank available.

The Aqualiner also enables the unique experience of dry floatation. That’s right, you may be fully or partly clothed! The Aqualiner completely protects you from getting wet – how convenient!

Excellent Revenue Generation Potential

The unique properties of water and hydrostatic pressure enable your heart to work more efficiently and helps it circulate blood. This can account for lower blood-pressure and heart rates, during deep-water compression. Consequently, your heart rate is an estimated 10-15 beats lower per minute during suspended float experiences.
VertiFloat is a brilliant system that’s creating more opportunities for physiotherapists, personal trainers, dietitians, fitness coaches and athletes and the general public.

Give your clients an experience of weightless floatation like they\’ve never felt before. Provide mud masks and dermal body infusions in minutes.

Thermal compression, weightless floatation and easy access without the need to remove clothing can provide a unique post workout recovery experience in gyms and health centres.

The ultimate floatation experience that initiates a sense of complete weightlessness that will help to easy joint and muscle aches and allow an ideal environment for aquacise without the need for large pool installations.

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